Party Creation

Please answer these questions as a group. If there is something else you want to see in the game, some other ideas or connections not covered in these questions, feel free to edit and create this page into whatever you need it to be to communicate your ideas to the GM.

1. In brief, what will our group be when the game starts?

A group of friends that live in a suburb of a large city. They often get together at the local tavern.

2. When and how did the characters first meet?

David and Haomien were in the war together, about 5 years ago. They did not know each other until they met in the town they are now living in. David and Sian also met in town; they had so much in common that they immediately hit it off and went into cahoots together, partners in (solving) crime.

3. Are the characters located in the same place or willing to travel to a common meeting place? If not, how will the characters be brought together for the game?

They are friends in town.

4. What major events have they shared in their past?

5. On a personal level, what keeps the characters together?

David and Haomien have the same war experience, and David and Sian are working together doing investigation work. They all three share drinks several times a week at the tavern.

6. What goals are shared by all of the characters?

7. Is there enough moral agreement among the characters to keep them from abhorring each other?

8. Is there any potential conflict between character personalities, goals, or ethics that could become so great the plot will fizzle out or players will be excluded?

9. What plot elements are in the group’s history the Creation Master can use in her plot?

Hiaomien had an incident that made him leave military life. He decided to find a quiet, isolated life as a gem worker. Not many know of his past as a soldier.

Sian has always had a desire to find things, driving him into investigative work. At the age of seven (?) his mother was stolen from him, and ever since then he has looked for her, though not always actively. He, perhaps irrationally, still hopes to find her in his travels one day.

David served in a war as a medic/mercenary. As the feud between two nobles escalated, and the casualties mounted, David lost the taste for this “adventure.” He eventually deserted, leaving his employ without the knowledge of the noble. Despite having gone AWOL, he does not fear reprisal, figuring that the nobles would either be dead or broke, preferably the former.

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